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Blue Team

Blue Team Overview

Our complete defensive security solution is called Lockard’s Blue Team Services. This allows us to fully manage the entire defensive side of your Information Security program at your company.

We work to automate where possible, the detection, alerting, response and mitigation of threats. Our SOC continuously tunes correlation rules which help improve the quality of alerts we receive based on the activities with in your environment.

Our goals include, keeping your business functioning, with minimal impact. There is a fine line between to much security and not enough. We work on maintaining this balance, to ensure that misional critical systems are safe and functioning, while protecting classified data.

We custom build Blue Team package for each business, as we know not one size fits all. If you have any questions, please let us know.

To learn more about each section that is included in our Blue Team services, you can follow the link below for each bundled service, which includes:

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