Data Protection Management

Data Protection Management Overview

Lockard's Data Protection Management Service, allows us to fully manage the security of your Data. Lockard includes redundant copies of your data, encrypted and stored in multiple data centers around the world.

We also test the backup data on a quarterly basis to ensure the contents are valid and not corrupted. If we find issues, we report them and work with you to address the problem to ensure the backups are working as expected.

Listed below you'll find more details of what is included. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Applies To Data Backup:

1. Data Backup Security Management
2. Data Backup Testing
3. Incident Response

1​. ​Data Backup Security Management

  • Identify critical data that needs to be protected
  • Create automation that backups and encrypts the data
  • Ship a copy of the data to Lockard's data vaults
  • Syncs a copy of the data to additional cloud providers
  • Create a data destruction and retention policy
  • Create a data classification and acceptable use policy
  • Identify need to know basis and make recommendation on data access restriction
  • 2. Data Backup Testing

  • Identify a sucessful recovery testing plan
  • Executes the recovery testing plan
  • Report any issues with the recovery testing plan
  • Make adjustments as needed to address any issues identified from the testing
  • 3. Incident Response

  • Provide data recovery support as needed remotely
  • Lockard is ready to provide IT Cyber Security services right now.

    Secure remote network connection and onsite IT Cyber Security services available 24x7x365.