Network Protection Management

Network Protection Management Overview

Lockard's Network Protection Management Service, allows us to fully manage the security of your network. Lockard includes a Next Generation Network Firewall by Netgate. We manage this firewall, keeping it updated and patched, along with tuning it for performance and proactivily blocking active cyber attacks leaveraging our advance threat intelligence.

We also provide unlimited remote support for the firewall. This includes incident response, and troubleshooting Internet outages and issues. If your busiuness is being attacked, Lockard will know about it and response accordingly. Our monitoring and alerting allows us to respond while maintaining the usability of the network and Internet.

Listed below you'll find more details of what is included along with pictures of our tools in action. If you have any questions or would like to see a demo, please let us know.

Applies To Network Firewalls:

1. Network Security Management
2. Auditing, Monitoring, Alerting & Reporting
3. Intrusion Detection & Prevention
4. Threat Intelligence
5. Incident Response

1​. ​Network Security Management

  • Identify Weak Protocols (Clear Text) & Replace With Secure Protocols
  • Network Vulnerability Scanning & Reporting
  • Network Security Architecture and Engineering Support, Services and Recommendations
  • VPN Remote Access Setup & Management
  • Maintain Security Patches For Firewalls
  • Maintain Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems (IDS / IPS)
  • 2. Auditing, Monitoring, Alerting & Reporting

  • Audit Network Access Logs
  • Monitor Network Device Logs For Malicious Activity
  • Alerting Based On Indicators Of Compromise (IOC)
  • Identify Active Threats
  • Identify Attempted Attacks
  • Reporting Cyber Attacks and Threats
  • 3. Intrusion Detection & Prevention

  • Configuring & Tuning
  • Alerting & Blocking
  • Custom Rule Creation
  • 4. Threat Intelligence

  • Apply Blocking Rules On Known Bad IP Addresses & Domains
  • Intel Gathered From Honeypots, Honeynetworks & Honeytokens
  • Intel Gathered From Highly Confident Public Feeds
  • Intel Gathered From Active Attacks Against All Customer Firewalls
  • Configuring & Tuning Threat Intelligence
  • Risk Assessment & Impact Analysis
  • 5. Incident Response (Remote Technical Support)

  • Respond To Network Security Alerts
  • Handle Incident Cases
  • Contain Security Incidents ASAP
  • Develop & Implement Compensating Security Controls To Mitigate Threats and Attacks

  • Listed below is an example of our daily reports for one of our firewalls we manage. This information gathered here is used to apply block rules to the offenders

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